Every year the Oranjebal is organised by a new committee of Dutch volunteers.

Children of the World Statue




By world known artist Sjaak Smetsers


1st part: 113 x 35 x 35 cm, material: bronze, glass, corten steel

2nd part: Diameter 60 cm, material: corten steel


We as adults in the Western world have been fortunate. We were born into a society with food, water, medicine security and a roof over our heads. As we grow up we have been given many opportunities to help us develop and as adults we are able to pass these opportunities to our children and our grandchildren. Taking the correct opportunities in our life can perhaps be our greatest task. However, imagine a society where such opportunities are unprecedented.


The 1st part of the image, a ‘Sjaak Smetsers image’ represents the child in us: the child in you and me, father, mother, brother, sister, friend or anyone in the Western Society. We are the lucky ones, being born into a Western world with many possibilities. The child is looking up to the ‘other world’, the 2nd part of the artwork, a globe of feet, symbolic of the children born with less favourable circumstances. There are 19,000 children who die every day, but we ‘Western children’ can help bring that number to ZERO.


This universal artwork consists of two parts, because one image cannot exist without the other. By looking at the world as a whole and understanding how fortunate we are compared to others, we can reach a solution to the mortality rate among children. Precisely for this reason it carries the title: “Wij, wereldkinderen”